Aseptic Dispensing Masterclass

The Aseptic Dispensing Masterclass is aimed to introduce the concepts of reconstitution to minimize microbial and particulate contamination of a reconstituted intravenous product. The Masterclass will address the proper processes and techniques to intravenous drug reconstruction including “no-touch techniques” and “negative pressure techniques” and how to reconstitute cytotoxic drugs. This will include proper methods to assemble a needle and syringe, breaking ampoules and reconstituting vials. The Masterclass will address placement of items in a laminar flow cabinet and isolators as well as proper cleaning and disinfection of the cabinet/isolator. In addition, participants will also learn how to clean up a cytotoxic drug spill. 

Oral Anticancer Therapy Masterclass

The Masterclass on Oral Anticancer Therapies is aimed at providing an introduction to the important aspects of managing patients receiving oral anticancer therapies. Key concept such as clinical pharmacology, toxicities, drug and food interactions, adherence, and key points for patient education will be discussed. The process for safe prescription review and the appropriate handling and disposal of oral anticancer therapies will be outlined. Cases will be used to illustrate the practice of these concepts throughout the session. The class will wrap up a session designed to guide the pharmacist in the set-up of a pharmacist-run oral anticancer program.



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